Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Cold and wet

Thursday am and it's raining again! Looks like I'm going to get wet as well as having the pleasure of driving the heap of heaps. Just a short local delivery this morning then wait and see what comes in this afternoon....nowt, I hope!!

Midweek catchup

Hi Bloggers,

Just a short entry as I forgot yesterday and today has been fairly busy so far.

The heap that is aka my transit is finally in the works yard awaiting it's fate, since the M.O.T has run out and the abs system isn't working! All thanks go to the contracts manager (my ex-boss in a previous job) for cocking it all up and leaving everything to the last minute. I now have the pleasure of driving an even heapier heap until the arrival of my new van in a few weeks time.

On the pc side, I am in the middle of testing a mobo that I repaired to see if it's functioning...all seems good so far. I am eating my lunch and typing as well as running back and forth between pcs to check on progress. I should have lost a few pounds when all is done.

Till this evening folks :) 

Sunday, 7 November 2010


Monday again already and to top it off it's raining. I still think that weekends should last for 5 days and the working week should be limited to 2 days. Also, all work related tasks should be made illegal during the weekend, so as not to interfere with ones leisure time!

First job of the day is a run up to Worksop. Not very exciting but at least it keeps me away from the distribution hub at Crick!! (not my favourite place in the world).

Laters :)


Hi all,

As the name suggests I drive a van for a living and tend to have lots of views about lots of subjects, but also tend to hold said views in as no one in this household is really interested in my opinions. Now, thanks to my I.T. wise son, I have the means to vent my spleen on this here blog, so be prepared to be blasted with said views and don't say I didn't warn you!!

Briefly, I am married, have two children still at home, support a LARGE German Shepherd and am in to all things technical.

Well, the weekend is nearly over and I haven't achieved much, apart from helping my father-in-law lay hardboard lining on his kitchen floor, ready for tiling.
My plan was to fix the wall clock, try the AM2 motherboard and dual core processor that my eldest son gave me some time ago, list several items on Ebay as it's free listing this weekend, take some rubbish to local tip and take care of several trivial jobs that have accumulated over time. I've done none of these task, so really not impressed with myself but there's always next weekend!

Dinner is almost upon us so this will have to do first my first entry, but there will be more to come as the days roll on to amuse and titilate you.