Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Midweek catchup

Hi Bloggers,

Just a short entry as I forgot yesterday and today has been fairly busy so far.

The heap that is aka my transit is finally in the works yard awaiting it's fate, since the M.O.T has run out and the abs system isn't working! All thanks go to the contracts manager (my ex-boss in a previous job) for cocking it all up and leaving everything to the last minute. I now have the pleasure of driving an even heapier heap until the arrival of my new van in a few weeks time.

On the pc side, I am in the middle of testing a mobo that I repaired to see if it's functioning...all seems good so far. I am eating my lunch and typing as well as running back and forth between pcs to check on progress. I should have lost a few pounds when all is done.

Till this evening folks :) 

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